What will Meet the Parents 4 be like?

little fockers

What happens when your movie makes 61 millions in only a few days? You make another one! Meet the Parents 4 is inevitable because as long as it still draws an audience and that Ben Stiller shows up for the paycheck, I can’t see this stopping.

I’m not saying that it’s a good idea, but let’s imagine for fun how terrible it will be.

Logically, the subject will have to be about the kids growing up and the generational gap between the parents, grand-parents and the kids. Maybe it could also deal with the death of Dustin Hoffman’s character.

ACT 1:

  • They suggest that Ben Stiller’s character has erection problems and that he’s getting fat.
  • "Kids these days with their [insert anything like facebook or video games]"
  • They get a call about the death of one character. That character has to be buried at some “exotic place”.

ACT 2:

  • The family travels to that location. “Are we there yet?” and “I need to pee” jokes.
  • They get there and Ben Stiller tries to explain death philosophically.
  • Random slapstick jokes like a fire in a funeral salon occur.
  • Confrontation with a character.
  • Ben Stiller tries yoga.

ACT 3:

  • Resolution of the conflict.
  • The kids no longer hate Ben Stiller.
  • Ben Stiller uses viagra.
  • Everyone is happy.

Title: Dead Fockers

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