What’s your favorite summer movie (mine is Dazed and Confused)?

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  2. leonableu answered: pulp fiction
  3. foxfifi answered: Thank u for your sharing,maybe you will like chaussures air max 1.H
  4. thatscene answered: Camp Nowhere, haha!! memories…
  5. inaniloquentbint answered: Mine too! In fact it is my favourite film any time of the year.
  6. pop-rocks-coke answered: American Graffiti
  7. thatscoolrick answered: The Dark Knight
  8. allthingslive answered: Monterey POP!
  9. andisappear answered: xD
  10. stipetic answered: Big Wednesday
  11. confused-stoner answered: (500) Days of Summer
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  13. roniver answered: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
  14. szaller answered: Fatih Akin’s “In July” imdb.com/title/t…
  15. bahiarika answered: lords of dogtown
  16. annaontheradio answered: I agree!
  17. krehkem answered: hands down, dazed and confused
  18. orawrsco answered: Jurassic Park
  19. weirdair answered: "Bringing Up Baby" (1938) It’s screwball comedy at it’s best cheers me right up.
  20. unforeseenodyssey answered: Say Anything !
  21. reizinh-a answered: s2
  22. starfoxed64 answered: ferris bueller
  23. bigbadsean answered: Grease..
  24. chrisj2106 answered: Juno!
  25. ecbgeier answered: Wet Hot American Summer
  26. pickledbullets answered: Rear Window or Falling Down. I love anything set during a heatwave
  27. xanax-princess answered: Superbad/American Pie 1-3/ Bad Santa
  28. iwanttobelikearollingstone answered: Jaws
  29. drg0nzo answered: same
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