Digital Domain Wants to Become the Next Pixar

Digital Domain, a company known for it’s special effects in movies such as Titanic, Tron: Legacy or Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is now transforming itself into an animation studio: Tradition Studios.

Tradition Studios at Digital Domain looks to be known for extremely clean, family films that are memorable, strong, powerful stories that we hope you’re thinking about years later”, said Digital Domain's CEO John Textor.

Unlike certain studios of animation, Tradition Studios is putting the focus on storytelling first and foremost. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of movies they’ll produce since the company is already recruiting Disney veterans.

"We’ve got the right ideas. As Pixar is struggling with sequels and Disney's struggling to find itself, I think it's a good time for us to come in with a different point of view with great family films”, said animator Chuck Williams (Lion King, Little Mermaid).

Could they be producing 2D animation? Tradition Studios are trying to differentiate themselves, so it would make sense for them to explore traditional animation.

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