I just want to let you know that I restarted my vlog on youtube. The Prescription is a series of movie suggestions. So hopefully if you follow my videos, you’ll discover a few hidden gems.

Your support would be really appreciated. :)

The Prescription: Duel

The Prescription: eXistenZ

Not that I wanna spam or anything, but I’ve just completed my first vlog (in a while).

The Prescription will be a series of movie recommendations, so be sure to check it out.

30 day challenge #6 : Favorite made for TV movie


Even after more than 40 movies, his first is still one of his best. The story takes place on the open road but it’s actually really confined. It’s Man vs Machine, Thesus vs Minotaur. Spielberg’s direction here is really powerful because it’s pure visual storytelling; the whole movie rests on his shoulders.


The Crossroad Duel

Steve Vai vs Karate Kid (it’s not him on the guitar though…sorry).

OooooOOOooh Yeah!