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Watching a James Franco interview in half speed on Youtube is soooooooooo weird and trippy.

Were you (or are you) a freak or a geek?
Were you (or are you) a freak or a geek?
Were you (or are you) a freak or a geek?

Were you (or are you) a freak or a geek?

Movie Trailer Analysis : Rise of the Planet of the Apes

james franco

See the trailer right here.

Target audience:

The movie seems to be aiming at those who aren’t fans of the series. I would say, people from 17 to 28 years old.


Judging from the trailer, it seems pretty tame in the art direction compared to the original or even Burton’s dud. It looks like your usual thriller with CGI monkeys going crazy.


Somehow, I get the feeling that the trailer doesn’t really give the movie justice. Yesterday, some concept art was released and it looks like a completely different movie.

concept art rise of the planet of the apes

What we have here is probably a trailer that was rushed by the studio in order to get the word out. The trailer looks like the first half of Hollow Man combined with a score quite simillar to Inception.

Now, I already have two problems with that movie :

  • The prequel concept kills the ending of the original for the new generation. What a great way to ruin a classic scene! This movie better be great.
  • The title…Rise of the Apes, or Caesar, they sound better.

The Oscars will be really awkward if best picture goes to 127 Hours and best actor to James Franco. It probably won’t happen, but it’s weird!

James Franco in General Hospital.

This is the kind of stuff that could make the world implode.

I’m Eighteen - Freaks and Geeks

Gotta love the politically correct lyrics.

Quantum Leap : The Movie

"Oh Boy!"

Scott Bakula, star of the tv series Quantum Leap, says that we could expect a movie in development soon.

As I’m sure that some of you aren’t exactly familliar with that tv show, here’s the concept according to Wikipedia:

In each episode, Sam leaps into a new host, often finding himself in dangerous, embarrassing, or otherwise compromising positions, and with Al’s help (and that of his colleagues, who have access to information from the future), he tries to right some wrong or misfortune in the life of that person or someone close to them.

Personally, the show is one of my ultimate guilty pleasures (with Cheers and a few other shows). The potential here is incredible. If the producers play their cards right, they could have the next Back to the Future.

I think someone like Justin Long or James Franco could be a great lead.

Howl trailer (movie about Ginsberg)

Click here to read the poem.