Real concept drawings of “Lord of Light” (aka “Argo”) by Jack Kirby for Science-Fiction Land. The movie was supposed to be turned into a theme park eventually.

It doesn’t matter if you get knocked down in life. All the matters is that you get back up. -Ben Affleck

Congrats to the two Quebecois (Canadians) nominated for the academy awards: Kim Nguyen and Yan England. I met them both (briefly) and I’m really happy for them.

With Les Invasions Barbares, Incendies and now this, the cinema of Quebec is getting a lot of exposure lately and I feel really proud.

FĂ©licitations messieurs, vous faites rayonner notre culture!

I want to have a career like Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Jack Nicholson. I want to win an Oscar one day. […] Look at Leo. His career can only go downhill from here. He’ll always be the guy on the boat.

Stephen Dorff (You know…that guy in Blade…)

25 August 1998

Plummer’s Speech at the University of Ottawa

(If you can understand french)

All these movies weren’t even nominated for best picture. Now what does it say about the academy?

These directors never won an Oscar. Now, what does it say about the Academy?


*winning best foreign picture is not the same as best director folks.

BAFTA’s The Artist poster.
BAFTA’s The Artist poster.
BAFTA’s The Artist poster.

BAFTA’s The Artist poster.

Cate Blanchett is awesome.