#swell season

The Greatest Movie Singles

The movie is over. The lights are up. You have popcorn all over you and that dude is taking ages to put his jacket on, so you’re stucked in your alley. A song plays over the credits, probably a cheesy one that the producers hopes to sell with the movie soundtrack. Well that’s a movie single.

They can push them quite hard, like “Danger Zone” in Top Gun. It plays at least 5 times in the movie. You also hear them ad nauseam on the radio, like “My Heart Will Go On”. But sometimes, some of them are good.

-Air “Playground Love” in Virgin Suicides

-Elliot Smith “Miss Misery” in Good Will Hunting

-Jon Brion “Knock Yourself Out” in I ♥ Huckabees

-Simon & Garfunkel “Mrs Robinson” in The Graduate

-Swell Season “Falling Slowly” in Once

-Huey Lewis and the News “Power of Love” in Back to the Future

-The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night”

-Beck “Deadweight” in Life Less Ordinary

-RUN DMC “Ghostbusters”

(call me crazy but I prefer that version, especially 1:21 to 1:37)

-Mike Viola “That Thing You Do”

-Bobby Womack “Accros 110th Street” from Across 110th Street and Jackie Brown