15 years ago: Mallrats

Mallrats (1995)

If the comedies of John Hughes can be seen as quintesential 80’s movies, we could say the same about Kevin Smith and the 90’s. The sega genesis, the Batman references, Weezer, the 3d posters, almost everything makes you feel old if you were born during the late 70’s or mid 80’s.

Even though some scenes are still hilarious, future generations probably won’t bother watching this movie. Kevin Smith’s writing isn’t as sharp as we’re used to here, which probably explains why it bombed in theaters. The driving force is obviously Jason Lee’s performance. It actually gives a redeeming quality to what would otherwise be known as a bad movie.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Twilight Zone : Why it could change Sci-Fi

Imagination… its limits are only those of the mind itself.

-Rod Serling

Apparently, Leonardo Dicaprio’s Twilight Zone revival on the big screen is moving forward, as Warner Bros confirms that Jason Rothenberg has been hired as a screenwriter. Unfortunately, that guy has never wrote a movie before, so we have to rely on Dicaprio’s reputation and good taste.

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