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"Everyday Bape!" : Gordon Everyday ends today.

When Ridley Scott anounced that he wanted to make a movie out of youtube, showing the everyday life of vloggers, he should have asked Gordon Kenny for some help. This man made 365 videos in the past year. If you’re not good with maths, it means that he filmed himself every single day. Sure, Charles Trippy and Shaycarl are doing it too, but Gordon is much more authentic. It might not be cinema per se, but it’s still pretty interesting to watch from a sociological point of view.

You can watch his vlogs on:



Here’s the first day, one year ago:

Viacom blames Youtube over copyright problems!

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Even if the judges are saying that Youtube isn’t directly responsible for the copyright problems because they are protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), Viacom still blames them over what they claim to be 1 billion dollar in damages.

Cry me a river Viacom!

They hate it because the traffic goes to Youtube and not them directly. They’ve also stopped supporting Hulu recently. What they don’t realize is that youtube videos are somewhat essential to gain new viewers now. They can also get revenue by placing ads on the videos that they found damaging. Are they doing this?

The times have changed, Viacom!